If you see Kay

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If girls had a penis for a day:


lmao that would be me mannn

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They see me rollin’, they hatin’

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omg aha.



This religious woman had a miscarriage and kept it.

All the comments towards this post that think she’s a “creepy fucktard” should consider their opinion a bit more. First of all, none of you had children before. None of you had that feeling of unconditional love you have for someone you never even met before. Something, that’s a part of you, something that has YOU in it. And I could not imagine how difficult it was to hear, “miss, you have a miscarriage.” That baby that you were going to watch grow up and give your whole love to, that baby that you started to love before it grew a fucking face, is now dead. 
So, before you throw out names to this lady, put yourself in her shoes.  

Ohmygoshhhh. That’s so sad. I can’t even imagine :’(

what the fuck

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